Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Dara's room is really large. She is leaving in August to move back to Florida. Her room is really large, at least twice as big as the next biggest room, Jillian's, which is average New York bedroom size and which anyone should be happy to move into considering how cheap the rent is. But sometimes people are stupid and just have issues knowing that there is this gigantic bedroom and that they don't have it, even though when they pass on the apartment, they are going to end up paying a lot more to live in a room that may even be smaller than the one they would have gotten. This happened with Dara and me and the first girl that was going to live with us. She just could not live in the other room. She had to have the big room.

And now the same thing is happening with Niki. I think it is a form of girl competiviness, putting your foot down, saying you have to get the big room, and hoping that you will win. But Jillian is moving into Dara's room when she leaves and I was planning to stay in my shoebox room because I really wanted to live with Niki. I also tried to convince Peter to move back to New York. He was my first choice. But I am pretty annoyed with Niki right now for refusing to move in, claiming she needs a bigger space because every other place she has lived in in New York has been the size of Jillian's current room.

Argh, now I have to think of other possible new roommates and I want it to be someone I choose rather than someone of Jillian's choice because then I will feel totally alien to the apartment space since her boyfriend is always here too. I would sort of really like to live with a male, even a gay male, because I am tired of living with all girls. I want a new dynamic to occur. Who though? I don't want to make an open call because there are lots of people whom I like but probably would hate to live with.

Also, now that none of my first choices are not going to live here, I might move into Jillian's current room because my current room fits about a twin bed and that it is it. It would be nice to have some space, and also, my room has a doorway that connects it to Dara's room, and I can hear Dara cough in bed, which is totally fine. But hearing Josh and Jillian giggle in bed each night might make me slash my wrists. So also this person is going to have to not mind living in a shoebox, but a really cheap shoebox (400!).

It's still two months away and so I shouldn't stress about it, but I really was hoping for an awesome living situation and hopefully, I can still make that happen. Anyone know of anyone really awesome that I would like to live with, not just like, but like to live with?

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