Tuesday, May 24, 2005

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That above gibber gabber is what I titled one of the emails I sent out last night when I was applying for jobs. It was an awesome job at Barnes and Nobles corporate offices, and I had meant to paste the title of the job in the title line, but ended up pasting something else and did not realize it until this morning. Last night, I applied to about twelve jobs. One, a copyediting position, as soon I clicked send, I realized I had forgot to spellcheck my cover letter and had misspelled a few words. So there are at least two out of the twelve jobs that I definitely will not hear back from. However, I have already heard back from two of them, both jobs gathering signatures to get crazies on the ballot, and have interviews with both on Thursday.

Thursday and Friday are going to be rough days. I work Wednesday night until five Thursday morning. Then I have to try to get some sleep, but not too much because I have an interview at 2:30 near Union Square, then an interview at 4:30 near City Hall, and then work at the Princeton Review at ten that night. Work till five am, get some sleep and then be at work again by three pm.

Other places I applied: Fox News, Good Housekeeping, Bodum, the Princeton Review, some "phone research firm", and a few other places that don't have any humor value.

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