Monday, January 9, 2006

Fuck roommates! I seriously would kill to live by myself, and to be able to wake up hungover with a raging headache and go to make coffee and for it to be there, not as has just happened to find out that after your roommate replaced the coffee maker she broke, she uses all of your coffee in this new, nice coffee maker. Fuck! I do not want go get dressed and go get coffee. I want it to be in my kitchen right now. I want to live with someone that buys coffee and doesn't just use up all yours. Aahh!! I need a job that pays me money so I can live by myself. I would seriously live at Coney Island if I could do so by myself.

To constanly use my coffee and never buy any for their house is already pretty obnoxious, but to use the last of it is just so unthoughtful and ungracious, to not even leave me the last of my coffee to make for myself when I wake up is so dickhead. I have had it with words and actions lacking in grace.

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