Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Really, there is no reason for me to update since I am way drunk and my roommates are asleep right next to me, and surely this noise is probably waking them, but why not? There is that drunkenness that cancels out any possible concern for their sleeping schedules, and it's not like I am playing the drums out here, just typing on this old, loud keyboard.

I went with Gabriel and Bri to R Bar tonight and ended up in my underwear to take advantage of the free drinks. I shamelessly threw myself at Ashton and now, after the fact, am pretty filled with shame that I again threw myself at some boy who not only lacks any interst in me, but who I am pretty sure is actively disinterested in me. He was in this white pair of boxers that occasionally hung low, showing the peak of his ass crack, and the sight was too much to handle, and I could not help throwing myself at him again and again. I don't know why I think he is so beautiful, aside from the fact that he is, but this crush is over as of tonight. It's 2006, as if you didn't know, and there's a new me, and this is not supposed to be it. The interest in assholes is over. Ashton who?

Coors Light is the best! Ham and cheeses sans mayo are also awesome! And so is Journey! And Paul accused me tonight of not knowing anything about music, thought I only liked "pop", because I did not know a song that came on. W.E.! PS - Valley Girl speak is also 2006!

As is eating a bag of dicks! So get eating, assholes!

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