Tuesday, January 31, 2006

the ill communication

What a nice way to go to bed, by looking at a picture of your crush shirtless in some silly outift, and seeing that he is even more beautiful than you originally had thought, that he obviously works out to have such toned arms, and all right, this crush is Christian. I have occasionally seen him around, but the crush solidified itself for some reason or another on Thursday when I saw him dancing at Stache. I have secretly, not so secretly viewed his Friendster profile and daydreamed about this cute boy.

And then tonight, Ethan brought over a tape of this tv show he is helping to edit, and who is one of the participants in this reality show - but my crush, Christian. And so I got to watch this really dreamy boy for an hour of so tonight while drinking Coors Light and I want to make out with him so bad, and really welcome to 2005. It never left. This boy is so fucking cute. He was in my living room tonight, on my television! I was tempted to pause the tv and pet it, but I didn't want Ethan to think I was totally psychotic, you know, because that would be a complete misconception. Obviously.


Update: Okay, obviously I am psychotic, because I just sent him this insane message on MySpace. Fuck me and fuck drunken e-mails. Have I learned nothing in my years of living?

i think you are really dreamy. i don't know why i am telling you this. blame the numerous coors lights drank and maybe even the ham and cheese eaten, ate.

i saw you dancing thursday at stache and wanted to tell you such, but i am sometimes a big wimp when my audacity is not enabled by such liberating, depersonalized things as the internet.

and then tonight, my friend showed me a tape of art stars which he is helping to edit, and i said, oh shit, that's that boy i think is really dreamy. and he rolled his eyes or something because i tend to say that a lot. but no, seriously.

uh yeah, hi! how are you doing? my name is charlie and i think you seem neat. you should be my friend.

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