Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I am feeling pretty good right now, thanks in part to the Sade I am listening to, and thanks in even more part to my good friend, Walitin, the poor man's Claritin. Within minutes of waking up today, I was having sneezing fits, those where you sneeze over and over and you heave over and over, getting ready for a sneeze that never wants to seem to ejaculate. I cannot lie and say that the feeling was not pleasant, the high felt from whatever it is that is released when you sneeze, multiplied the countless times I was sneezing, but it was getting totally absurd and preventing me from doing even the simplest tasks without sucking in a bunch of air, preparing for a sneeze and then running for some tissues.

At Walgreens, I was so confused, and I do not believe if it was just because of my itchy nose and confused cold-clouded mind. The prices on the different sizes of Walitin made no sense whatsoever, and I stared in shock at them, trying to figure out why they would possibly price them in such a manner, and trying to figure out which pack I wanted, which would have been the smallest pack, had the pricing been a little more sensical. The smallest size, a ten pack, was 7 dollars. The next size, a twenty pack, 14 dollars. Makes sense. But then, a thirty pack, 13 dollars. And so why anyone would get the twenty pack, I didn't understand. But then, more confusion, a sixty pack for 10 dollars. The sixty pack, cheaper than the twenty and thirty, which were also on sale. I spent probably a good twenty minutes in the back of Walgreens pondering this mystery before I finally brought the sixty pack up to the register to purchase. This, my day.

I have also eaten a large amount of broccoli and paid a bill.

Last night, I went out with Florida kids to an open bar at Fat Baby despite my sickness (thank you, Dayquil!), drank a decent amount of free rum drinks and danced to music that excited me in a way that music being played at a bar has failed to do in so long. Granted, it was lots of typical rap and r and b songs from the mid nineties, but songs that I haven't heard played in bars because all I ever hear are the same indie and eighties songs. They played Tribe Called Quest and I was so happy to be dancing to it, for Gabriel to be there dancing to it. And this music maybe spoiled me, because afterward we ended up at the Cock, where it was the same music JonJon Battles has played every Monday night there for the last three years. When Hole came on, I rolled my eyes so dramatically, so tired of hearing this dj play this same Hole song everytime he spins. But even with this music, I was in too good a mood for it to bother me much because all I wanted to do was dance, and I danced and it wasn't all bad because Le Tigre's "Deceptacon" was not played and their "Hot Topic" was. And I was in close proximity to people that make me really happy and so, and so, I felt a lot better at the end of the night curling up in my bed, feeling like I had lived, than I would have had I not gone out like I was considering and instead nursed my slight cold. I did, however, wonder today what living is and whether I am doing it right, and what would make it more right.

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