Tuesday, January 24, 2006

don't stop believin'

Well, thankfully, there is again work at my job and I will start doing this work tomorrow afternoon. It is mildly annoying that my job never gives notice about what is going on, about when they will again have work, or when there won't be any - will just tell us, like they did today, that work starts tomorrow, or will do as they did two weeks ago, and tell us that they are out of work.

I was going stir crazy these past two weeks, was way too idle and did little of anything productive. I really think that I am more productive when I have limits on my time and so treat it as more precious. When working, I play harder and live better when I get off work, have to somehow make up for all those lost hours staring at Scantron tests. But when I am not working, I, for whatever reasons, reasons you can probably easily guess, never can manage to motivate myself to get excited about things. It's because I have all this free time and tell myself that I will do this or do that later, and it never getting done, because there is all this free time and it can be done at some point.

So yes, I am so excited to start working again. During this time off, I have spent my days transferring music to my ipod, and am excited to go to work for that reason also, to sit for hours and be able to listen to all of this music. I will have money, which I won't see any of for three weeks, but money, still! Meaning, I won't starve or be evicted. Which, you know, is pretty awesome.

I wandered around town today, stopping in Domsey's, and spent so long there looking at women's shirts and being stalked by some scary lady with a shopping cart full of stuff. Everytime I would move to a different rack to get away from her and her shopping cart, there she was, right behind me again, cramping my ability to hunt mindlessly for second hand clothes. At some point, I managed to escape her and her crazed shopping. She had a shopping cart overflowing with clothes! When I left, some Journey song came on, and I was almost tempted to stay and hear it because it was making me so happy, but because I am unemployed, I had spent yesterday burning my Journey CDs to my ipod, and so there that song was in my pocket, and I put it on, and walked home, happy about many things, and thought about Williamsburg and the changes it is undergoing, walking past a fancy condo on an otherwise derelict street, and thought about boys, about Daniel and why I think he is so incredibly sexy, how these things are so irrational. And then of course, all these thoughts backgrounded to me front and center on that stage, spotlighted, singing to you, lost in this song:

Strangers waiting, up and down the boulevard
Their shadows searching in the night
Streetlight people, living just to find emotion
Hiding, somewhere in the night

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