Sunday, January 1, 2006

I had a great New Year's last night. I love all of you, I really do, and I was so excited this morning waking up, saying twenty oh six, because that's the proper way to say it, not two thousand six, but twenty oh six, and I felt such glee despite my pounding headache from drinking so much last night, a glee about a new start of some sorts that got me out of bed reasonably early and into the arms of a hot, hot shower.

Let's do amazing things this year and love each other like these are our last days here on Earth. That's my resolution in a nutshell, to love unguardedly. I am not going to smoke cigarettes. I am going to say no more often to bullshit, to vapidness, and to the desire to be cool. I am going to say yes to other things, lots of things. I am going to listen to really good music and am going to try to smoke pot more often. I have a list of day trips I want to take in this year, and I am going to do it. I am going to be more graceful, grateful and more righteous, will not tolearate elitism, racism, or classism, will try not to take part in things that I think contribute to these.

There's an article in the Times this morning about NY1 with a picture and mention of Bobby Cuza, that dashing reporter who captured my heart during the transit strike. The one other thing I logged on here to mention was that last night I downloaded Sinead O'Connor's new album, Throw Down Your Arms, and it is fucking amazing. It is what I listened to writing this, thinking about changes I need to enact in my life. It is so good, this album, and people that say otherwise are not people. Basically. It is an album of covers of all these beautiful reggae songs and it is what I listened to last night before going out, preparing for this year, this oh six, and if oh six has an influence so far, it would be this album, these twelve songs.

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