Monday, January 30, 2006

reason number 222

So much for the coffee. Wait, I'll go get coffee! Brilliant plan, Charlie!

I don't know why that just occured to me. I was getting so angry because our water is turned off and I wanted coffee and tried turning on the faucet about every thirty seconds for ten solid minutes, just getting madder and madder with my landlords and their constantly messing with our water or our heat or making lots of noise, just generally being headache inducing.

So I went downstairs to ask what was up, only to find Ada having trouble understanding me, and I remembered why I never ask about things because talking to her is more trouble than its worth and it never solves anything. However she did manage to yell at me about my neighbor, to tell me that I needed to tell her (as if I was her landlord) that her rent is going up to the same as ours on February 1st, otherwise she has to move out. Even though, I am almost positive you have to give thirty days notice prior to raising the rent, but I am not going to argue with this woman about the rent for an apartment that is not even mine. Then she proceeded to try to explain to me why the water was off, that someone was fixing a leak. Apparently the heater from the second floor was leaking onto to the first floor. Not totally surprising considering Ada turns the heat up to about ninety degrees whenever she is home. Everytime our building's water boiler busted always coincided with Ada being home and the heat being on nonstop. She is pretty much a total idiot.

And then when I told her Jamie was out of town, she yelled at me again, saying "What, she can't leave town and not tell anyone. This leak isn't my fault. It's not my responsibility." Again, I was silent, even though, um, yeah old troll, it's your building, your responsibility. Your tenants shouldn't have to notify you when they are going out of town. The building shouldn't have disasters every week that require you to enter our apartments. One time, Iris called me and asked me where I was. I told her I was in Virginia. And she was pissed, telling me that she drove all the way from Pennsylvania and needed to get into my apartment to fix the shower. Well, I am in Virginia and very well can't do anything about that. However, had you told me you were going to drive to Brooklyn, I could have saved you a trip or arranged a way for our apartment to be unlocked. They are so absurd, it would be humorous, if it weren't so fucking annoying.

My toilet is making scary monster noises, gurgling violently and if that shit starts shooting out water, Ada is going to be put in a headlock until she cleans it up.

Now, to get coffee!

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