Tuesday, January 31, 2006

the response

I woke up startled a short bit ago, waking up and saying "Oh Shit," wondering why I sent that email last night. I got out of bed and even though I am still tired to see if he wrote me back telling me to die or something. And I saw that there was a message from him, and God, seeing that made me so nervous. Oh no, oh no, what have I wrought? And almost shaking, I clicked on the message to see what awful things he would say, and luckily, there were no awful things said. Now, I think I can go back to bed. He said:

Thanks for the compliments I believe that I saw you at Stasche as well.
Do you know anything about the documentary that is apparently being made about Stasche this Thursday (well they are actually just shooting some footage. Perhaps you will have to prove me wrong... I never thought of Coors Light as enducing anything but nausea (wink wink)
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