Sunday, January 22, 2006

Shit, I was writing and I might have been looking for an easy distraction, but really I have become oddly fond of all these various Law and Order shows, and so I told myself I would take a one hour break and watch it. Bad idea. I am just coming out of that stupor of tv, a whole frozen pizza, and a couple can of beers. By ten o'clock, I was a fat, tired blob and plopped down on my bed, feeling my belly, which is really, despite what you might think, becoming larger than usual in this state of umemployment, where I never leave the house and eat yummy, fattening foods and beer all the time. Seriously, today's menu is not out of the ordinary and today so far: cereal, bagel and cream cheese, bacon!!!, coffee, lots of coffee!, three beers (so far), a cheeseburger, a piece of cake, a bag of popcorn, and a decent sized frozen pepperoni pizza. And that shit totally knocked me out. I am just regaining my senses after my body went into slow drive, trying to deal with all that shit in my stomach.

If I'm not working and never leaving the house, this drugging myself with food is going to have to stop. Maybe I'll even start eating some greens. And maybe I will stop watching the L and O spinoffs, and only stick to the original. And fuck no, am I going to try to write. I have lost all energy and instead, since none of these Craigslist sluts are responding to my excited interest in their horniness, am probably going to read some more Madame Bovary and maybe even have another beer and of course, probably more likely than the Flaubert getting read, will be satisfying my own piqued horniness now, doing so the best way I know how.

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