Sunday, January 15, 2006

I wrote an entry a couple hours ago, posted it, and saw that there were so many grammatical and spelling errors, that I couldn't even begin to try to fathom trying to make it make some sort of sense, and instead deleted it. I just drank some Theraflu which makes me slightly loopy. Add to that, our apartment's decision to start spewing heat, making it about eighty degrees in here even with the window open. So loopy.

I was reading this article just now and was so filled with rage. I really hate rich people. No, really hate. Especially the type this article profiles that go to all these arts events I would love to go to, and as a joke bid on what sounds like an amazing piece by my favorite painter.

He found refuge at the auction, stopping before "Carpet Tapestry," a Hernan Bas painting transposed onto carpet in which a young, shirtless man is seemingly drawn through the ocean by a team of swans. Mr. Hammerstein said that he did not like the work, but considered bidding on it all the same. "I just think it is in such bad taste that it would be funny," he said. "An androgynous boy? Lying on a canoe? Being towed by swans? My favorite!"

The phrase "blinding fists" was used in this bad eighties movie I watched yesterday, My Bodyguard. That phrase Mr. Hammerstein needs to experience. Is there anyone that reads that and doesn't want to serve Mr. Hammerstein some blinding fists?

I can't make sense today. I slept most of it away. Reading things, I can't pay attention, can't follow a thought through a full paragraph. Writing, I am making even less sense. And all I want are my senses back, want this slight cold to leave me. All I am good for today is drinking hot liquids, watching bad tv, and feeling that tired horniness. I am hitting on people on Craigslist and really don't see it going anywhere and if there is no progress soon, I am going to hop in bed and masturbate myself to sleep.

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