Tuesday, January 29, 2002

b to the n is b to the o times two - bobo

okay, i woke up at ten thirty this morning on my own, real excited about the bright blue sky, but realized i could sleep more, and so lied back down in bed and half slept and half masturbated and just woke up about ten minutes ago. there was a voicemail from barnes and nobles. lindsey, the cafe manager, offered me the job and told me that i could start training tonight at six, and to call back if i was still interested.

whoo-hoo! i call back real excited that i can start working tonight, and the person that answers the phone tells me lindsey is gone for the day. train fucking derailment. uh? what? when will she be .. um well - and then i went into a long story explaining the message and she was like, let me let you talk to a manager. i retold my situation to him and wanted to know if i could still come in for training tonight. he told me that i could start next tuesday. i told him that the message said tonight, and then he again told me lindsey was gone for the day. okay, i said, telling him that i would start training next tuesday.

this is somewhat dissapointing that i can't work for a week, but also exciting that i finally got a job. i might apply for other jobs in the meantime, to see if i can find a better one. i have to drive my dad out to fair oaks in about half an hour, which i am not looking forward to.

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