Thursday, January 31, 2002

i cut my hair today - as close as you could shave it without shaving it to the scalp - and my mark beckham haircut feels so fucking good - shaving my

i was supposed to meet maggie and rebecca at the ballston metro stop at seven to see amelieor/and black hawk down. i was running real behind, having to wait forever at both transfers i had to make. i had to tranfer onto the blue line and then onto the orange line. i felt so weird getting on the blue line. i never ever ever ride the blue line. yellow is my home, and so i felt oddly out of place on the blue line even though it is still the fucking metro. i just felt as though the passengers were different than the yellow line passengers - that they were a little too pretty or something.

anyways, i got to ballston at seven fifteen, and as i am riding up the escalator - not walking up it, because lazy mofos were just standing there blocking my path, thinking the escalator is a fucking ride or something - no, it's there to help you move faster - you're still supposed to walk - irritating me to no end - nearing the top of the escalator, gritting at the lazy man ahead of me who was stopping me from walking like the dynamic animal in motion i wished to be, i spot miss maggie ray of sunshine standing at the top of the escalator. i smile sincerely, greet her, and she says that rebecca's going to be a little late.

we take a seat on some steps and chat away the time, waiting for rebecca to arrive. meanwhile, we are missing the start of both movies which started at seven thirty. we are waiting still, wondering where on earth rebecca is. we decide to run across the street real quick to grab some food, sure that rebecca would not come in "the two minutes" we were gone. i got a gyro. maggie got some pizza. and while we were waiting, maggie asked me if i thought that sarasota had better food. and i did think so, weirdly enough. we both longed for some good ol' sarasota food. listing all the fun places to eat in sarasota. bangkok. sahara. publix subs. primos. ricos. that pizza place on main. and on and on. wondering why this was that sarafuckingsota had restaurants that we liked better than the places in dc. thinking about it now though, i realize that it probably has a lot to do with memories of eating there with nc people, and the fact that going to eat is a favorite way to occupy time of nc people.

j-walked back across the street, sat on the same set of steps by the escalator, watching all the people, hoping one would be rebecca. we finished eating, sat some more, talked some more, and then i tried to convince maggie that we should walk down to the theater to see if rebecca was waiting in front of there - that maybe we missed her while we were getting food. maggie insists that we were only gone for two minutes, and is very worried that we will miss becks if we go the theater. i suggest that we check the time. we find out that is eight eleven, and maggie finally decides that we should go the theater.

we get there and rebecca is waiting there. she got here during that brief window where we ran to get food. no movies are showing at eight eleven or anytime soon after. and the ones we wanted to see weren't showing again until ten something and the metro stops running at twelve, so we decided to see in the bedroom at nine twenty. we sat in the food court, eating and talking. i got a dollar o'nine ice cream cone from mickey d's, so excited, not having had an ice cream cone in so long. cake cone. super white vanilla ice cream about four times as big as the cone. i don't even think they have to dye it to get it this white - i'm pretty sure this is it's natural color. that is amazing that any food product can be such a bright white - looking so clean and pure and yummilicous.

we went and bought our tickets, sort of dreading seeing the movie, since we were in the mood for a decent comedy (aka - not kung pow). we went into the theater, decided we didn't want to watch a drama, spastically ran back to the ticket booth, to see what our other options were. realized there were none and so went and sat down, waiting for the movie to start. maggie didn't want to watch a drama because she said she can't stand sad things - that they make her cry. i thought she was exaggerating, but the preview for i am sam came on, and maggie started crying. after the preview, she said through sobs something like, "see, if there's any retarded fathers or anything in this movie, i am leaving." oh, also none of us knew anything about in the bedroom. it was a yeah,-i-think-i-heard-good-stuff-about-that-film type decision. so we are already with way too much energy to be sitting through a drama. laughing and talking loudly through the previews. pretty much doing the same through the actual movie, which i really liked - it reminded me so much of you can count on me. they both had the extended sense of time, a creepy rural noir type feeling, and short abrupt scenes. i know there most be some term for these types of films - god i wish i had taken film studies or something. oh and marisa tomei is such a good actress.

okay, this entry is really bad because i keep writing little sentance spurts, because i am also trying to hold a conversation with bonnie on im, and i'm getting tired, so we're going to circle in these wagons and bring the shit to a close so i can go catch some z's.

halfway through the movie, maggie went to pee. me and rebecca left too to go see if we could steal candy out of the food counter that they have in the back of the theater, in case you didn't get candy when you were in the lobby like a normal fucking person, and cannot resist the urge to buy upon seeing a second food counter. but the food counters in the back of the movies are never occupied anyways. they are pretty useless. pretty sad and represenative of something. i don't know what exactly - but are representative just to make things artistic - they're ghost townness represents something sad and deep. again, i don't know what.

so yeah, back to rebecca and i, playing bonnie and clyde and trying to rob the unattended food counter. maggie comes out of the bathroom and serves as lookout. i hop over the counter, hoping to score some goobers, and try opening all the cabinets, but they are all motherfucking locked. i jump back over the counter, and rebecca tells me that i should go see if there's anything in the back room. so, maggie tells me that no one is coming. all systems clear for go. i hop back over the counter, how can i help you? would you like butter on the popcorn? - enjoy my moment as a movie theater employee but not for too long, worried that someone might walk down this hall soon, i run into the backroom. nothing but trashcans. no goobers. no raisenets. no nothing. we go back into the movie, laugh some more at inappropriate moments. maggie occasionally cries very silly like, grabbing rebecca's knee. getting emotional about everything sad. me and rebecca laugh about this.

this movie's been sort of plotless for a good while now - there is no end in sight, i wonder what time it is, since the metro's stop running at midnight and i have to make two transfers. we find out that it is about eleven, and maggie and i have to leave in half an hour to catch the metro. of course, right when the plot starts picking up and getting real suspenseful, we have to leave. little cinderellas rushing towards the metro, hoping not to be stranded out in ballston. me especially since i live the furtherest from ballston.

so upset that i watched the whole movie except for the last twenty minutes and have no clue what happened. but, bonnie saw it, and filled me in, giving me a detailed description of the ending. not seeing the end was so frustrating. but i also think it was sort of beneficial, making me like the film a lot more, allowing me to make up endings in my head. dimino went on for a while once about the tendency to "privlege the ending" in literary criticism, by focusing so much on the ending. and so by not seeing the ending, i really do have a greater appreciation for all the cool filmwork in the beginning of the movie. i don't know. cinderella remember, it is almost twelve. i will have no carriage, and will be stuck trying to get home with some lame pumpkin.

we board an orange line train towards rossyln at 11:40. two more transfers to go. i say bye to rebecca and then to maggie. the blue line doesn't come until 12:01, and i am ready to cry because i am postive that no more yellow trains will be coming by the time i get to king street, and that i will somehow have to get to my car at huntington. the stupid blue line finally gets to king street at 12:17, and oh hope - there's a couple people still waiting on the platform after the train leaves. maybe a yellow train will still come. i watch the message board that tells how long it is until the next train, and as soon the train left the station, the sign said "yellow line four car train approaching," and yes! motherfucking yes!!! i do not have to pay for a cab, whoo! i board my cozy yellow line train, feeling comforted like it were my favorite blanket or something. no more blue line and intimidating blue line passengers. this is my yellow line. with dishelved yellow line people.

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