Thursday, January 31, 2002

sunshine state, here i come

a couple of days ago, my mom asked me if i could have a plane ticket to go somewhere this weekend, would i use it. i said hell yeah, and sort of forgot about it, assuming that the free ticket did not manifest itself.

but this morning, my dad woke me up at about ten, saying i had a phone call. it was my mom. i was super groggy. she asks if i still want the ticket. super alert - groginess went i don't even know where. she asks me how quick i could get to the airport. i said about half an hour, threw on some pants, and ran out the door.

i got to the airport, and met up with my mom and her friend from work. her friend had a free ticket that needed to be used by this weekend, because he got bumped off some flight. my mom's office is always flying to army meetings all over the place, and they occasionally get bumped, even volunteering to be bumped so that they can get a free ticket as compensation. so, we were tranferring the ticket to my name, and booking a flight. i was so happy with this man for being so nice, and he was so cool too. guys that have been in the army for twenty or so years, are usually pretty cool people, with a really weird sense of humor. they are one of my favorite types of people - they are always real nice too, with a sense of moral purpose and wry humor. the airline dude, though, was basically abe simpson, and took ten years to book my flight. making old man noises while he looked for each key before hitting it with his index finger, one at a time. slow slow slow.

anyways, i got the free ticket, am still feeling like i won the lottery or something, so so giddy, and will be flying into tampa tomorrow morning and leaving on monday afternoon so i can start working at b and n on tuesday. i am so excited right now to visit florida. whoo! even though it is the cloudiest, foggiest day ever - i am in fucking heaven right now.

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