Monday, January 14, 2002

a note

i recently got a new e-mail account because i seriously got about thirty junk mail messages a day in my old one. so no more ads for hot young sluts or how to enlarge my penis. but also, since the account will soon be dead, i couldn't decide if i wanted all my old saved e-mails to die with it. i couldn't decide and so thought that i would upload them to my diary and delete them later if i do decide to do so. but also, i posted these here because before i started this diary business, i wrote everyone really long e-mails that served the purpose that my diary now serves. now, i don't write as detailed letters, which is probably a bad thing. and, i was sort of wavering about doing this because i had concerns about upsetting the privacy of these correspondances. but, whatever it's my fucking diary, and i do it for my own benefit, so i am going to try to ignore that people might actually read these. but since someone might, please pardon the really bad writing and naivete.

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