Sunday, January 20, 2002

the weathermen were right for a change

i woke up this morning so excited. lifted myself up in my bed so i could peek out my blinds. yes. snow snow snow still falling from the sky. i finally got my long wished for snow. i went back to bed, still tired, but so so happy that there was snow on the ground. cuddled up in my covers, squirming with delight. it snowed. squirm squirm squirm. curl up in a warmer position. it snowed. and more squirming. i woke up about an hour later so happy for a change. i ate some oatmeal, read the paper, and then went outside to eat some snow. and then played in it for a while. there wasn't much to play with, it was only a couple of inches, but it was still wonderful to see white lawns, white streets, white roofs, and a grey-whitish sky with no sun in sight yet still brightness everywhere. snow gives a brightness to normally stodgy winter days. and snow tastes so yummy. the second i got out the door, i grabbed a fistful, and started chowing down.

then i did some apt hunting and called this one. the rent was only 300 a month, and it was in a really cool neighborhood, and so i called and talked to this kid patrick who was so nice and babbled and babbled about him and his straightedge roommates. he wanted me to come and look at it and meet the other roommates, but i told him that i was in va, and so he said that i should come and look at it next weekend. it's sort of really hard to find an apt when you're not in the city, and also when you are only going to be there for six months. it's sort of really frustrating and time consuming.

so ny? or no ny? i'm getting closer to a decision and right now it is a 90% chance that i will be taking a semester off. my mom said to me today something like: "charlie, you haven't found an apt? you know you need to be up there in a week." and then i got real brave and told her that i was thinking about taking a semester off. and i braced myself, stiffening my body, getting very anxy in expectation of her yelling. but no! she was a normal person that i would talk to about this and was real cool with whatever i wanted to do. she told me that my many possible plans for taking a semester off sounded real cool. just as long as i went back to school in the fall. i told her that i was definitly going to, and woo-hoo, that was such a good reaction from her. these are the days when i really appreciate my mom - when she shows her kind, cool self. a lot of the time, i do not give her enough credit for being so nice, usually feeling that teenage tension towards her since she's my mom. but whatever, she's my mom and she made me feel a lot better about my plans and myself. no child-parent tension - at least not today.

i've not touched my isp in a few days, and i'm about to send mezey some long pathatic e-mail asking for an extension. oh, and i'm no longer freaking out about being lonely my last semester if i take a semester off, because rebecca told me that that's the semester she will graduate and so she will be my compadre then.

okay and it's saturday night and so here is the obligatory discussion of snl and jimmy fallon: snl was so so good tonight, it made me even happier than i already was. although, it did sort of make me add a few more percentage points to the possibility to me going to ny, because of beautiful beautiful jimmy. and snl was so fun tonight, really good host and really fun band. no sean william scott or ja rule or eve. and because of this, the show had far less ingratiating grr-this-is-why-i-hate-that-celeb moments. the host was jake black and the band was the strokes. and even chris kattan was funny tonight. he made me laugh out loud playing a white-trash mullet-sporting dude in florida in a tiny t-shirt and tighty whities. it was mucho mucho funny. and then after snl, i flipped through the channels and saw american beauty, and watched the last half of that. oh, and one more snl comment. during the closing credits, jimmy fallon was wearing a coliseum books t-shirt. that's the indy bookstore in ny that's closing due a doubling of its rent. and that made me so happy that jimmy was all about this indy bookshop and pointing to his shirt during the credits. isn't he the cutest?

and can i just say how much i hate cake! okay, not really. in fact, i love them, and that's why i hate them - because they played in dc about a week before i came home for thanksgiving, and now they are going to play in tampa on feb. 10, when i will be nowhere near tampa. i was real in love with them in high school and saw them perform on my eighteenth bday, but the crush has sort of been fading these past couple years. but today, i had a cake jonesing and have been listening to them pretty much all day. and so right now, i want our paths to cross again, motherfuck tampa.

and here's a story to make you pissed. it's about a usf profesor being fired for basically being pro-palestine. but, salon does such a good job on this story. it's real good. it surprises me a lot though that it is their top story. i just always think no one cares about usf, but whatever, it's pretty interesting just because it's about usf stuff.t

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