Tuesday, January 8, 2002

what do you mean flash gordon approaching?

is it sad that the highlight of my day was a stop at krispy kreme?

if so, then today was a sad day. i went to bed last night after writing a huge to-do list of things to do early in the morning before my greenpeace interview. i woke up at one thirtyish, cursing my stupid alarm clock for failing to wake me up earlier. i take a shower, eat some oatmeal, get dressed and then at a little after two, already running behind for my three o clock interview, i run downstairs looking for the address of this place. my life is little scraps of paper left like breadcrumbs around the house. my life is a system of happy chaos, and it works fine until someone decides to clean up a little, which someone appearantly decided to do this morning.

i calmly ask my sister as she's playing on the internet if she's seen a little scrap of paper. of course, that's not a very recognizable item that someone would ever remember, but my frustration at my lateness and disorganization blinded me to this fact, and i was convinced that my sister not only had seen it but knew where it was and was hiding it from me. a yelling match ensued. i had to stiffle my desire to have the last word, and ran around the house looking for this stupid sheet of paper that i wrote the address and the person's name on.

it is nowhere to be found. so i tell my sister i need to get online so that i can find the number again. of course, she can not let me just use her account, she has to log off, and so i have to resign on. and while a recounting of all these small details probably makes me sound real petty - each of these small details is a just missed good parking spot, a just missed metro, a just missed transfer on the metro.

so anyways, i get the number, call and get the address and am out the door a little after two thirty, thinking i can still maybe make it on time. it's at the easterm market metro stop, and that was where i worked this summer, so i know that you should leave an hour early to get there on time, but i also know that there are those fluke incidents where the planets align and the trip can be made in twenty minutes.

today, the planets did not align. i got a shitty, far away parking spot. just missed the train at huntington, had to wait about ten minutes for the next one. at the l'enfant stop where i had to tranfer, the train i needed to get on was just leaving as i got to the platform. the sign said that the time was three twenty and that the next train was not going to arrive for eight minutes. fucking shit. rather than arrive an hour late to an interview and be super embarrased, i decide to just go home, and catch the train going back to huntington.

as i was driving home from the metro, i smelt that hot glazed donut smell coming from the krispy kreme factory as i was passing it. i slam on my brakes with donuts on the brain, almost causing a traffic accident and turn into the parking lot. i leave with a half-dozen donuts that i start eating on the way home. how i love donuts, they are the most delicious thing ever sometimes. i sang along to supertramp on my classic rock station and ate donuts as i drove home down route 1, sort of real glad that i didn't go to that stupid interview because otherwise i would not be eating donuts right now.

i then came home and called rebecca to tell her about my laziness. she convinced me to call them back and reschedule since i forced her to schedule an interview with them. so i call them back, making up some lame story about car troubles, and reschedule it for tuesday at six. i call rebecca back to tell her, and then fucking shit, i forgot about the nader talk at seven that i wanted to go to on tuesday.

so, i call back again feeling way way dumb and reschedule it for wednesday, oh but wait i'm not through looking like an idiot yet, i tell him that that's not a good time either (since i want to go hear pat buchanan talk then, but of course, i do not tell the greenpeace people this). and then it is decided that thursday at three is a good time. so i call rebecca back, and she tells me that that's the same time her interview is, which made me super excited that i wouldn't be there by myself.

i then tried reading ulysses again to no success - i fell asleep after about ten pages. at this pace, i should be done in about two months, which is no good at all. tomorrow i am going to wake up early and plow plow plow through this book.

and for the longest time, i hated queen, thinking that it was sissy rock but i bought their greatest hits album a couple months ago when i was real sad and just wanted to cry to "we are the champions." i bought the double album just because it had one more song that i wanted on it than the single album version: "under pressure" with david bowie. and of course, yesterday when i had the strongest desire to hear "under pressure," i realize that i have somehow lost the cd with that track on it. i tore apart the house looking for it, checking my sister's cds to see if she had snagged it, and it was nowhere to be found. it is offically lost. i now am without the cd with the bowie song which was the reason i bought the stupid double version. cut to alanis singing: and isn't it ironic?

but anyways, i listened to the remaining cd yesterday and fucking loved it and have been listening to it non-stop since. i was totally wrong - queen is fucking rock and roll. dude, they are such a fun group.

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