Wednesday, January 2, 2002

your mom's a palindrome

today the last of my family left. we ate lunch at bertucci's, then dropped my aunt, uncle, and cousins off at the airport. these children were seriously bebe's kids, i have never seen such naughtiness - they run around screaming constantly, breaking things left and right, fighting nonstop, and just causing utter chaos. i am so glad that they are no longer here. the house is so silent without those kids screaming about something or other. the tv is now resting from being on non-stop at full volume the entire week that they were here. and i have my bed back. the only minus is that now i no longer have a valid reason to not being doing anything. there is no family here, yet i still keep myself confined to the house doing jackshit. i feel so lethargic. i am the walrus. big fat motherfucking lazy walrus content to lie on the ice all day sunbathing.

i lie on my ass all day reading everything but my isp reading; watching the local news hoping that we are going to get hit hard by snow; searching online for places to live in ny; calling a couple classifieds; and eating leftover pizza. i even had the opportunity to get out of the house tonight, but declined.

i called my best friend from high school, sarah, since i have not talked to her since i came home, and we babbled and babbled updating each other on what had happenened in our respective lives since the last time we talked. she appearantly likes girls now. that is her life since the last time we talked. my life was the inverse, i talked about how much i liked boys. (a very sad life, yes i know.) and tonight she is going to some drag king show at a club . she tried to convince me to go but i declined the inivitation to attend, since i probably would not have had a ball, but more so because i am lazy with a capital l. we then told each other that we would hang out tomorrow night, so maybe i will get out of the house sometime this week. maybe.

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