Monday, January 28, 2002

"i used to drive you to work in the morning. friday night, i'd drive you all around."

blue skies. low sixties. happiness. a cold front is coming though. enjoy it while it lasts. must go outside to jog while i have the opportunity.

just had an interview to be a barista at barnes and nobles. the interview went well. they are supposed to call my references and then call me back tonight. fingers crossed. drove there with my windows all the way down, blaring born in the usa, singing as loud as i could, not worried at all about people hearing my bad singyelling because everyone was weird and had their windows rolled up. i only saw one other car with their windows down, and i turned the radio down when i passed that car, not wanting to seem completely weird. always worried about others' perceptions, even strangers in two door cars.

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