Monday, January 7, 2002

mopey entry #2 of the night

okay, first off all, i don't get any motherfucking snow, and then i get this news from bonnie: "charlie, i have the worst news ever for you. remember your beloved jo 101.5?? it is no longer!!! it is now 101.5 the point, and it plays only (this is so terrible!) soft rock hits of the 80s!!!!!! i first heard this on my drive home today and freaked out. it was so upsetting. it is such a terrible station now!!"

the gods are out to get me -- what the hell? there used to be a jammin 99.5 in dc, but then it turned into a hardcore pop station during the boy band craze. i motherfucking loved joe 101!! i am now without any jammin oldies stations. i have seriously gone on to so many people raving about how much i loved that station. i was just getting all nostalgic for new college and sarasota, and now one of my favorite things about sarasota is no more. this seriously makes me want to cry.

don't slap me. i am not in the mood.

jo, what will i do without you? what other station will ever play, "i've got a meeting in the ladies room," more than once a day. stevie. michael. diana. sly. marvin. early madonna. kc. prince. i will miss you all. rest in peace. oh, that was my favorite station ever. why do things have to change? why can't they stay the same forever?

this is a horrible, rotten, no good, very bad motherfucking night.

oh, and in addition, i am hating my isp soo much. i just spent the last hour and a half reading four pages of ulysses. i have read about fifty pages in the last week. i am moving so slow, i am beginning to hate this book. i cannot read it to save my life. i am reading joyce and gifford's ulysses annotated side by side, and not paying attention at all to any of it. i am just getting thoroughly annoyed that i have to read a book of annotations longer than this stupid joyce book, at the same time as joyce. and, it is just not my idea of a pleasant reading experience.

luckily though, mezey is sponsering this and he will be sympathatic to my lack of genius. he told me that it was okay to skip obnoxious chapters - that everyone who reads it, has a chapter that they just don't read. i kind of really like mezey. he's very grounded in reality.

and, so i am going to go to sleep and forget about joyce tonight.

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