Monday, September 12, 2005

All right, it's party time all week long it looks like and I need to do some sex work so I can enjoy all these parties and maybe see some of the many rock shows. I think I might go to the Dim Mak show on Friday even though my roommate is going to the KRS show. Choices, choices. Also, here's a bunch of Dim Mak and AddVice parties happening this week that I am going to try to go to that involve my favorite two word combo: open bar.

Hopefully, I RSVPed early enough that I will get on the list. It hasn't been listed on that site yet, so hopefully. Fingers crossed. I have nightmares of another Frying Pan debacle though, which was also promoted by AddVice.

Shows far away that if I suddenly get a windfall of cash, I am going to see:

11/9 - Art Brut - Maxwells
11/20 - Echo and the Bunnymen - Irving Plaza
12/7 - Depeche Mode - Madison Square Garden

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