Sunday, September 4, 2005

What a day! I woke up around nine this morning, still feeling shitty from drinking so much in Virginia and getting so little sleep, but looked out my window and saw that awesome blue and am convinced that today is as perfect a day you could possibly hope for. I went to the grocery store, bought myself some food to make breakfast and coffee, and ran into Stephen there who, I realized, turned me on to this whole boat shoes fetish I have. He has had the exact same look since I first moved to New York and started working at the Strand, and he would be that dreamy boy behind the register with the mop of black hair, the super tight dress shirt, his tight pants, and his boat shoes - doing some dandyfied version of the eighties preppie look. It is an awesome look and there is no need to change it, but he was the boy that made boat shoes look so adorable, and now whenever anyone wears them, I notice the shoes and think how cute the person wearing them is.

I got some breakfast, got the giganto Sunday Times and have been reading it on my couch, loving this day so much, occasionally thinking for brief moments before I suppress them, about stressful things. So yes, as I mentioned last night, my rent is going to be raised. Currently our apartment is 1300, so I end up paying 400 a month. It is insanely cheap considering that I live in Williamsburg in an actual bedroom with a window, and so it is not unreasonable for them to raise our rent. Starting October 1, our rent will go up to 1500, and so each of us will be paying 500, which is still not bad, but it will be a lot harder to scrape up 500 at the beginning of the month, than it is to do so with 400. This means I will definitely need to get a real job, which even though this is going to be a week fully of paryting (I will mention more in a second), I need to buckle down and apply everywhere.

But, the girl, Amanda, who was going to move into our apartment under the assumption that rent was 430/month, I had to call last night. She told me that she isn't sure she wants to stay in NY and that she doesn't know if she wants to pay 500/month and I told her she could take the weekend to think about it and to let us know on Monday. But it sounded like she really just wants to go back to Mississippi, so I think she won't be moving in, which means we will probably have to have another horribly painful and socially awkward open house this upcoming weekend. But maybe she'll stay, and I won't have to worry about finding a new roommate. And hopefully, I won't have to find two new roommates - I still haven't heard back from Jillian to see if she's okay with paying more rent. I am assuming that she will pay the extra fifty a month and stay, but who knows?

I am so behind the times on this one, but I am in love with 69 Love Songs and it is pretty much all I ever want to hear from now on.

It is supposed to be beautiful weather all week long. This week is also the start of gallery season. Just take a look at how many openings are happening this Thursday! So that is what I will be doing not only Thursday, but also Friday, and probably Saturday. There is the Deitch Art Parade on Saturday which probably won't be nearly half as fun to watch as all the scenesters that'll be there. Wednesday, Patrick is djing at No. 1 Chinese, and he is currently my favortie dj of the moment, so I will be there dancing for sure. And Saturday is Daniel's pink party. So yeah, it's going to be a busy week and my liver will probably hate me come Sunday, but hopefully you're down for damaging your internal organs with me and we'll be hanging out a lot this week.

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