Wednesday, September 7, 2005

This morning, I woke up early, at eight, and did some dishes. Looked at the bottle of wine to see that there was maybe a glass of it left in the bottle. I went to bed last night, pretty sure that I had drank half a bottle, remember looking at the bottle and seeing this before I went and passed out in bed. So I couldn't figure out if my roommates had drank some, or if I am insane and totally remembered wrong. There were no wine glasses in the sink so it didn't seem that anyone had drank wine, but I was so confused and totally trying to figure out if I am crazy or not.

And really that has pretty much been my day because there are some people here, making me high with glue fumes as they install a new wall behind our shower in the bathroom. I have kind of had to take a number two for a while now and thought about this for a long time, my pooping habits and how they are so much more regular, and perhaps happening too often, happening far more often than everyone else I seem to know. But surely, the reason I poop so much in the early part of the day is because I eat bran cereal and drink tons of coffee, both of which are laxatives. So I am sort of frustrated that my bowel schedule is being thrown off by these carpenters.

I have applied for four jobs I certainly will not get and been listening to Jillian's CD collection.

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