Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Luke shared my tiny twin bed with me last night and I slept really comfortable until sometime past eleven. Normally, I cannot nonsexually share my bed with someone and get a decent night's sleep. The whole time I am uncomfortable, trying not to make contact with them, sticking to the edge of my bed and just generally feeling awkward. I think this is more a reflection of Luke's coolness, my ability to sleep last night, rather than some new change in my personality.

Maybe I also slept so nicely because I knew that it very well might have been the last time I had to share a tiny bed with someone because in countdown six days, I am switching rooms and taking control of my departing roommate's nice, big bed.

Rebecca slept on my couch last night and that was awesome, waking up early to go pee and seeing her there already awake and reading on the couch, reminding me of how she never sleeps late and is always up pretty early, reminding me of times with her in Florida, of times when I was pretty insanely happy. It's so nice to encounter those people from your past that you love and that just seeing, just chatting with makes you feel happy, like a more complete person, that there is this entire history again recognized that people who have just met you here in New York have no knowledge of, those prior selves. And disjointed sections of your life's chronology are breifly for the time they are in town brought together.

She left early this morning while I was still asleep. I read large sections of a book today, fell asleep, read some more and now am going to go pee on some guy in Chelsea, and then, will probably read some more in the hopes of finishing this book, but probably will end up falling asleep before doing so, before reaching any goals. Because there is always tomorrow.

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