Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I spent all day moving my stuff, two years of it that I had just crammed under my bed, across the hall to my new blue bedroom. I moved from a pink bedroom into a blue bedroom and if I was feeling a little more ambitious, I could try to somehow make that into some broader analogy about how I have changed and in what ways in the past two years.

Underneath my bed, I found one of those cheap Lomo cameras that I stole from the Guggenheim gift shop when I went to see the Cremaster exhibit and today, I realized that I never got the roll developed, never even finished it, but I could remember all the photos I had taken. I remember I took some photos right outside the museum of cars in motion, and then of some kids in the park. And then it sat around my room for a while until one day, I took some photos of me jacking off, so curious to see how they would turn out in this four frames in one frame camera. And today, I was so excited to develop this roll, getting even more excited that the film itself may have been damaged by time and heat, that I love damaged film and I think it has mystical properties that make photographs so much more dreamy. So I rewinded the roll, and then opened the camera only to find out that I didn't finish rewinding it all the way, and now I have probably surely exposed all of those prints I was so excited to see. And again, surely there is room for analogies with regard to my life.

I was excited to leave my house this evening after cleaning it all day but after calling numerous people to come out with me to Number 1 Chinese, and getting nothing but declines, I am instead going to shortly play Scrabble with Paul in my clean apartment, which a

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