Saturday, September 24, 2005

Not that I ever have the cleanest apartment, but right now it is absurdly disgusting. Dara is moving out in two days and so for some reason she has decided to start stacking boxes in our living room rather than her gigantic bedroom. Everyone has decided to collectively stop doing dishes and so there are dishes pretty much everywhere. Six glasses on the living room table I count right now. But to make matters more crazy - in additon to all this crap, this maze of boxes to even get to the computer - the microwave is now on one of our chairs. Everything from the bathroom in the kicthen is stacked in our living room and the fridge has still yet to be moved. Our landlords are replacing our kitchen and bathroom floors today and my roommates like to pretend they are asleep and not answer the door when our landlord knocks over and over again at nine in the morning, knocks until she just starts calling out my name, since apparently she either doesn't know my roommates names (which she does) or who fucking knows. And so I have to wake up and talk to her and move all this shit while these lazy roommates of mine sleep in their rooms.

And then when Dara's gone, Jiliian and I are both moving rooms and then Amanda is moving in, and this house is not going to look even somewhat decent for probably a week or so, and I cannot stand it.

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