Monday, September 5, 2005

It's not really a coincidence since we do live in the same neighborhood and all, it is just the law of probability that I am bound to run into Matt occasionally. But still, I had decided to go the video store before I went to the burrito store at the very last minute and crossed the street to the video store to find someone that looked like Matt with his back turned, checking out the videos on the wall. I looked closely, perhaps even a little enviously at his back side, and this other boy with him saw me do so, and then obnoxiously, possessively put his arm around his waist. I was really excited that for whatever reasons my mind decided to turn my body at the last minute, otherwise I never would have run into Matt. I grabbed the two videos I wanted, Hustler White and Skin Flick. Then I said hi to Matt. He looked at the videos in my hand which have covers marketing it as gay porn and he wasn't familiar with Bruce LaBruce and I am certain thinks I was just renting dirty porn. He was painfully cute to look at, but it was a really decent, normal interaction. And I only briefly thought that I would like to sleep with him again. Then I realized I would like to, but don't care, that the sky is so blue and that certain things belong to certain moments and I have lived that one already, and wanting to sleep with him is wanting to live in that time again, to live in memories that are surely more sun soaked than they were in reality. Fuck me, is the sky amazing or what today?

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