Sunday, September 11, 2005

Yesterday, I watched eight hours of tennis and thank god, the US Open is finally ending today, so I can quit watching it and you know, read a book, or play outside in this nice weather. I am in love with watching tennis and because you see the ad for a brand of soap and want that soap, see the chips on the tv and want those, I really want to start playing tennis again. So if any of you New Yorkers have some racquets, hit me up, and let's play some tennis.

After that really brief women's finals match, Ethan came over decked out in pink and we walked up to Daniel's house in Greenpoint to attend his pink party. It was so amazing to hang out with all of my crushes, all these cute boys at a non-commerical venue, at a place without lots of assholes and old men. Niki called me after I had been there for about ten minutes to see if I wanted to go to Misshapes and that made me so happier to be at this party. I realized how special it was and how bad the alternative Saturday nights that I could have lived would have been. Probably from being sedentary on my couch all day, I cut loose as soon as I got there, all that energy not spent earlier in the day coming out in the form of boy craziness.

And man, it was not hard with just this giant loft packed with nothing but hot Brooklyn homos, pretty much anyone I have ever had a crush on was there. Charlie, Ryan (Morrissey boy), Ashton, Christopher, Christian, Josh, etc, etc. Oh, and really shockingly, the go-go boy from the Cock that I had/have a crush on was there. It was just a really fun awesome time, talking to cute boys all night long, bumming cigarettes off people, drinking cheap canned beer, varieties I have never heard of. And I didn't get to make out with any of those boys and I was sort of sad about that, but only slightly, because that is not where the thrill is for me. It's in the crushes leading up to that. Sometimes.

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