Sunday, September 25, 2005

I love my mom. I had dinner with her at Cheers in their garden under gray skies and felt loved, like everything was right in this world. Then we got gelato at Fortunado Brothers and I walked her back to her car, hugged her tight and said good-bye.

I talked to him on the phone and his text message was about somebody else, not him. Someone that he wants to sleep with warned him that they had HPV. So, scratch that concern from my brain. One less thing to stress about which is awesome.

Dara is moving out tomorrow and I am pretty sad that she is leaving. It is finally hitting me that my roommate of the past two years, this chill girl I went to school with in Florida is moving out and the house will be different. She is playing a show in about five minutes at Otto's Shrunken Head that I might try to go catch the end of since it is her last night and all. I am so nostalgic right now after seeing my mom, dealing with gray skies which remind me of being 15, and looking at Dara's semi empty room and dreaming about arrivals and departures, but mainly departures.

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