Friday, September 16, 2005

I don't even remember how I met him, but surely there must have been some hello originally and then some flirting banter before I made out with him, but I can't remember any of that part. All I remember is making out with this boy, Victor, pretty much all over Happy Ending, which he thought was really funny because it was such a straight scene and his delight in queering up a straight party made me really happy. I love that when you instantly click with another person at a bar and get dragged around everywhere, running outside together to smoke, going upstairs to dance to whatever song seemed really good under the spell of numerous free drinks.

Apparently Ethan made a bet with his friend that I was going to go home with him. Victor's friend betted that it wouldn't happen. I am not sure what was even betted, but this totally made things difficult for a while because he didn't want his friend to lose the bet, did not like the fact that it was being betted on. So I got his number and we made plans to hang out on Tuesday after his relatives leave town.

We made out some more and then we abanonded our plans to hang out together before having sex and he came home with me, because I am a bad influence and even though people have jobs early in the morning and want it to not be causal sex, I am the devil on their shoulder and show them the light. We stopped under an awning because it was drizzling, and smoked a cigarette there and then got on the J and made out in my bed, losing clothes pretty quickly and the whole time I kept smirking because I thought he was so cute and it was so playful and fun, it made me terribly happy. He left at about five this morning because he had to be at work at eight or something and I am still glowing and am only slightly worried that I might not like this boy when I actually talk to him and find out about him. Because besides his name, I really don't know anything about him.

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