Sunday, September 25, 2005

I am not a horrible friend. Really. Niki is for making these demands on my time and everyone else's. And so maybe last night, I voted yes in a car full of people to leave her in the wilds of Brooklyn. Either you put up with her craziness and wait around for her forever, or you leave her or don't wait and be a jerk. And someone that continually forces you into one of those situations is not a good friend.

Yesterday, while I was out at galleries with Jamie, Niki called me and talked to the both of us about how we had to come to this party out in some weird area of Brooklyn, how we never do anything with her, and blah blah blah. So we agreed and told her we would leave at eleven since that's when she was leaving. At nine thirty, while playing Scrabble, we get a call from her, telling us she was at the party and probably going to leave soon. I reminded her of how she yelled at us earlier in the day into coming out to this party, how we agreed to leave at eleven, and how if she was not there when we got there, I was never talking to her again.

We ended up getting a ride there from EFF's friend, Tom, which was really nice and what would have been an hour subway ride was only a short five minute ride. The party was actually kind of fun, but that's what not I am talking about here, or what I want to - what I am going to talk about is the trip home. Jamie, EFF, Tom, Karen, and I got into the car and I was confused if Niki had said she wanted a ride back to our house, so I called her and she picked up right as Tom put the car in motion, yelling to wait for her. So she came running from the bathroom to get in the car. We dropped Karen off and since it was her neighborhood and she actually knew where she was going, I asked her for directions to the BQE, but because Niki must always be the center of any situation and will BS her way through anything, told us that she knew directions even though she lives in fucking SoHo. And she started calling out directions, taking us home in a way that seemed totally wrong, further and further out into Brooklyn. She was adamant that she knew where she was going though and asked us to stop at McDonald's so she could pee. All of us refused since we lived five minutes away and just wanted to get home, that she could wait. And a couple blocks down, we got stopped at a traffic light in front of some nightclub and Niki hopped out of the car and started talking to the bouncer.

All of us were shocked. Eric and Tom asking if she was fucking crazy, and we saw her getting directions and were all pretty annoyed that she had claimed to know them. Then in Niki fashion because we were already annoyed and in the middle of a busy lane of traffic stopped, she came over to the passenger window and told Eric that she had got directions. And after a dramatic pause, she finished her speech with, "And I'll give them to you right after I pee," and bolted into the club. All of us were shocked that she had the audacity while we were not even parked to hop out of the car to go the bathroom when we lived five minutes away and we told her we weren't stopping. And there is no way this was a bathroom emergency - this was just another one of her taking everyone with her on absurd detours. I really think she might be crazy and everyone in the car was asking so. Tom had had a bit to drink. He wasn't drunk, but enough to get in a trouble if the cop ahead of us asked why we were blocking traffic and the fact that Niki put us in that situation made me so mad. Tom suggested leaving her there and I quickly voted yes, Eric voted yes, and Jamie after waiting about two minutes in total shock, agreed also.

So yeah, we left her at some place, in some neighborhood I don't even know the name of. But it was such bullshit - and I am so tired of putting up with it. I told Tom to turn around from the way she had taken us and got us home in pretty much the opposite direction that Niki was heading us in. After about five minutes, the calls from her started. I put my phone on silence.

This morning the calls started again at nine and there were about five of them by noon. I finally called her after I got out of the shower and it was an awkward two minute conversation where she was pissed and I told her that she had no right to be, that I wasn't even driving the car, that a carful of people were so pissed that they left. She said, "Fine. Good bye." And then about ten minutes later, she called back and said, "That's it. This is it. We aren't friends anymore. I never want to talk to you again." And perhaps a little too harshly, but surely what she wanted - an explanation, madness - I told her what a fucking asshole she was, and how someone who had just met her for ten minutes had the same opinion and had no problem leaving her in the boonies of Brooklyn. Told her what a dick thing it is to do friends, to make them either put up with your shit or play the asshole role for not indulging it. The fights and tension have been working their way up to something for the past few months and I think it finally exploded and I'd be pretty surprised if I hang out with Niki anytime soon.

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