Monday, September 19, 2005

an early band of gram parsons

I just got off the phone with Ethan not too long ago and told him that I was just about to eat a burrito. He said, mildly scandalized, "From Morelos?"

Because it is at least the third day in a row that I have gotten a spicy pork burrito from them. This morning when I woke up and had to make myself breakfast because I had the morning turning over of my stomach, it telling me that it wanted food, and even then, for the first thing in the day, I dreamed of that spicy pork burrito and how good it would be. I resisted the urge and ate something far more appropriate for the time of day, but only after lots of mental debate between my desires and what I know is good for me, some sense of right.

And all day long, I want one whenever I get hungry and try to tell myself that there are other things in this world to eat, lots of them also yummy, but I am in the midst of a crush right now and all I can see, all I daydream about is this burrito. But most of my crushes eventually tire themselves out and I like new boys. The boy in my life a few months ago used to be General Tso's chicken. I used to be totally obsessed, but now, I get ill even thinking of eating that shit. The last time I got it, still having fond memories of the crush and not actually experiencing the crush itself, it was such a chore to eat.

One day, me and Morelos will part ways, and surely, my tastebuds will cum just as easily for whatever new fried junk food enters my life. But right now, God, what a thrill it is I can get everyday for only three dollars and a quarter. The moon was full as I walked there and that made me happy. I found the sleeve for a vinyl copy of Purple Rain that is now displayed on our kitchen counter. I also thought about the movie I had just watched as I walked to Morelos, Gloria, which is a Cassevettes movie because he wrote and directed it, but it's not about a bickering couple and so it was sort of a letdown because that is what I wanted to watch. It was kind of sappy as pretty much all movies with children tend to be but it was still good and tense and it made me happy and want to go hang out in cemeteries.

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