Monday, September 12, 2005


I'd like to plead with all of you registered Democrats in New York to take the time to vote in the primary tomorrow. Don't blow it off just because it's the primary. This election is basically going to decide who is Public Advocate. And I would hope that all of you will go out and support Norman Siegel, who for decades has actively fought progressive causes. His biography puts anyone else to shame, makes me even feel a little shame myself for doing nothing anywhere as noble. It is an important office that has been underutilized by Gotbaum, that has the ability to push the city to do righteous things.

I am not nearly as firm about the mayoral candidates. I think they are all excellent and because of that, I will probably end up voting for Ferrer because he is in the lead, and I'd like to see him reach forty percent to avoid a runoff so he can get on to the battle of campaigning against Bloomberg.

Pretty please take the time to vote tomorrow.

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