Thursday, December 13, 2001

"elvis was a hero to most, but he never meant shit to me"

okay, what is up with salon folks? normally, it is pretty damn progressive and covers stories from different perspectives, but these last two days have made me pissed as hell. today's top story is an anit-arafat piece of bullshit, and yesterday they had some columnist babbling about how we need to cut off ties with palestinians and just basically nuke them. i really love salon, but i really hate israel even more, and so salon's coverage as of late is pissing the fuck out of me. and i was about to write a letter to the editor about the lopsided coverage but i decided against it cause i didn't want to waste paper-writing time looking for statisitcs and dates about all the far too numerous atrocities committed by israel against the palestinians. dude, i really do try to be a pacifist, but i would so like to see sharon get his fucking head blown off, and i would so love it if the us would just be awesome and bomb the fuck out of israel, and let palestinians have all the control they want over the land that was stolen from them by motherfucking western europe and the us so that they could absolve themselves of holocaust guilt. and i know it's really horrible that i have all this rage towards israel, but the fucking way the situation is portrayed in the news makes me want to throw shit. a couple israelis killed in a suicide bombing. big news, with a isn't this terrorism horrible slant. countless palestinans killed in retaliation, forced out of areas occupied near jewish settlements, restricted from traveling outside of whatever atomized chunk of "palestine" they live in. inside of the motherfucking paper, with a fair and just retaliation slant. mothefuck that shit.

and i really am not an anti-semite, i just hate israel. i get very angry about such things that i have no control over, and that seem so so unjust.

okay, but i thought i would rant here to save me a little bit of time since here i don't have to worry about citing facts and shit. and very soon i will write a real entry based in actual experience. i feel like a bigoted zealot or something with these last two entries: yesterdays about how much i hate fags, and today's about how much i hate israel.

really i'm not that serious in either case. these are not statements that i would vocalize to another person. here it's okay, cause it's a diary and i can bitch like rush or someone, and not give a shit, cause we'll all read each others shit and then never talk about it when we do talk. its something we are aware of, but act like we're not, and yeah so whatever.

anyways, i swear this is the last polticized entry for a good whiles. i am worried that i am pissing people off immensely and that people will secretly hate me, and think that i'm some horrible person. and also these are kind of boring entries, and far too easy to write.

right now, i am on page six of my language and politics paper. i am tired as hell and so so want to snuggle up in my cold bed under my warm blanket and get goosebumps from my cold sheets. but i have told myself that i am not going to bed until i finish this paper, since tomorrow i have to write that stupid faulkner paper.

i have just realized the joy of paper writing. i used to approach papers very seriously and with an oh dear god i have a fucking paper due attitude, and would feel like it was such a chore. but now, i have discovered the i don't give a shit, i ain't gonna unsat the class for a smartass paper approach - i take the paper as not seriously as one can take a paper and add as many pop references to it as i possibly can. the paper i wrote a couple of days ago for postcolonial lit, had the line "motherfuck him and john wayne" after every 3 or 4 paragraphs. the title of my language and politics paper is "meow meow meow: heath and his capitalist fat catesque dismissal of ideology" for god sakes. and i have managed to fit in totally random references to the cranberries, to gym culture, and to the sound of music. i am thinking about approaching my faulkner paper as a challenge, wherein i think of really random things beforehand and somehow insert them into my paper. the things i have thought of so far are: boogie nights, john waters, prince, snickers, and the chiquita banana lady. i don't know if i'll actually follow through with my plan of action, since out of all of my professors, i think dimino would be the least receptive towards my who gives a fuck style of writing.

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