Wednesday, December 26, 2001

oswald was a patsy

for the past few days, my throat has been getting closer and closer to sickness. i can feel it coming, and have been doing everything possible to prevent it. taking echinacea, vitamin c, cough syrup, and whatnot. it's going to hit, though, it still feels somewhat yucky. and it feels especially yucky when i first wake up. i so don't want to get sick, but i'm about to resign myself to it, so that that way i can get sick, and then get better, instead of prolonging this just being almost on the verge of sick, with a slightly yucky throat, forever.

today, after waking up feeling yucky, i went on a little consumerist outing to hunt for good after christmas specials at ikea with my mom and sister. i got some fun stuff to bring to ny, but wandering through ikea, i kept on being like fuck shit, i left that in florida. oh, and that too. i left a really fun quilt in florida. but, i bought this really cool four foot tall candle holder for only ten bucks. me and bonnie had been looking for one in fl, but they were all like fifty bucks or some insane price. and buying that, made me realize that i should have yanked a few candles from our fl house, since we stole like eight million. i think the only thing that i did remember to bring home from fl is this super fancy wine opener that i stole from williams-sonoma. (sorry bonnie, i brought it home with me, if you hadn't already noticed).

we then waited in line with our swedish furniture products for seriously about an hour, which was soo painful. i hate having to wait in lines. we then left for home, and 95 south was at a complete standstill, so we spent another good hour on 95, which normally would have been beyond painful, but was bearable and even enjoyable today since it was right when the sun was setting, and everything was looking like king midas had been there. the sun was at that point on the horizion where everything takes on that mellow gold color. so i stared at the golden pines as we slowly crawled by them, and sang along to all the songs on 107.3, my mom's adult contemporary station that was on.

i then came back from ikea and checked our voicemail. a message from becky!!! "charlie q. this is becky. i'm in dc. i don't know the number here. i'll call you back." i was sort of excited about seeing becky, but also sort of annoyed because it seems a little too becky for her to not warn me that she's coming but to just call. anyways, bo-bo becky did not call be back, and so i plowed through some more of the odyssey, ate some tomato soup, and am now about to start watching jfk, which is one of my favorite movies that i watch all the time. this movie has made me such a conspiracy nut about everything, i won't even go into all my theories here, since there is no way to say them without sounding paranoid. but anyways, the movie's red hot. oliver stone is so the man.

then after reinforcing my conspiracy theories, i'll have to go nighty night since i have to wake up at eight fucking o'clock in the morning to drive my dad back out to manasas with my mom. he can't drive himself because he can not stay awake for ten minutes without nodding off.

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