Tuesday, December 18, 2001

feed me seymour

i love food. but even more so, i love eating food.

so, it gets real interesting when there is not much food to be found in the kitchen. usually, two possible things happen: 1.) that i am too lazy, and just sit on my ass slightly hungry, or 2.) that meals get real "creative."

the first thing had been happening for a while, with me surviving off of cheerios. the second thing always will eventually happen, a person can only be so hungry and continue to eat only cheerios.

the past two days, i have been making fried onion dishes. i am obsessed with onions. they are by far my favorite vegetable. but, i used up all of our onions during my little onion binge, and so today i had to get creative again.

i have been saying that there is nothing in my kitchen. that's a lie. what is more accurate, is that there is nothing in my kitchen that i want to eat and that is quick to make. so i find myself making weird food combinations, and eating the things in the cabinet that i have no idea when they were bought, or more importantly, why they were. marshmellows, weird canned fruit, and peanut butter contatiners that seem to have been always almost empty.

today i feasted off of cheerios, of course. i then made a huge thing of instant mashed potatos, flavoring it with bbq sauce. it made me super tired after eating those mmm mmm good potatos, but i was still feeling the piggy bug and so ate way too old pickles with some cream cheese that was about to expire.

and, then i was stuffed and tired, yet i wanted more more more. i felt so much like that plant in little shop of horrors screaming feed me seymour, feed me! my fridge however is not rick moranis, and did not heed my commands. i lied down on the couch watched some simpsons and realized that i was so about to fall asleep. then a random realization struck me. fuck shit i left my coffemaker in florida. oh, how i loved that coffemaker, why the fuck don't we have one in our house, i so want a nice big pot of coffee right now. this means i'm going to have to buy another coffemaker, i will not be able to live without one in ny. hell, i cannot live without one now. maybe i'll take a trip up to the thrift store and see if they have any that don't look too grungy.

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