Sunday, December 30, 2001

year end list making mania

i just got back from the movie theater with my uncle. we saw vanilla sky. so so painful - two plus hours that went by so slowly. this movie is so bad news. lamest plot in the motherfucking world

and since it is the end of the year - that time for looking back and making lists, i present the stinkiest movies of 2001:
5. american pie 2
4. vanilla sky
3. rat race
2. AI
1. planet of the apes

i've seen so many stinkers this year. my end of summer daily routine was to steal some wine with bonnie, sneak into hollywood 20, get drunk, and watch movie after movie. and since hollywood 20 does not always play the best cinema, i have seen so so many horrible movies this year. why are so many stinkers produced and distributed -- how does all this crap get released?

and since it is end of year listmaking time and all, i guess i should also list my favorite movies of the year; the ones that weren't total crap:
5. ghost world
4. moulin rouge
3. the royal tenenbaums
2. amelie
1. mullholand drive

and inspired by oneblackbird's wrap-up of her year, i thought for my own sake i would do the same since the year seems like a big blur, where nothing at all happened. this is for my own benefit to prove to myself that i did not sleep and drink my way through all of 2001 - that it did have its moments.

jan- dort room floods, end up living in the dort lounge with six other people for a month, and it turns out to be my favorite and most fun living situation ever.

feb- i hooked up with a boy for the last time.

mar- i fall in love with paul outka and walt whitman, and decide i should be a lit. major

apr- okay, maybe some parts of the year were nothing but a blur of drunken nights

may- i did meat beat. i walked on stilts in shane's circus, which was fun cause i got to practice at the hot boys house and play with lindsey montanna and becky. so many people i looked up to in a you're the fucking shit way, graduated or planned to depart sarasota: maggie, kim, gabe, jeff, cody, and of course the montanna sisters

june- i had a birthday, and i fell in love with eastern market. worked at an organic market, did some telemarketing, and learned the difference between a cucumber and a zuchinni. oh, and i masturbated on tape for pay, and was supposed to do a sex video, but it never happened.

july- i went to wet, a gay male strip club, with my best friend from high school. fell in love with virginia summers.

august- drive down to fl, move into house, fall in love with arbor mist and begin the aforementioned drunken stupor of a month. me and bonnie go on stealing sprees - looting albies, publix, pier 1, barnes and noble, etc.

sept- a plane crashed into the pentagon, i cried and screamed, thinking that my mom had died. she didn't.

oct- i get me and bonnie banned from barnes and noble for making false returns. i decide i hate new college, and need to get away for a while and decide to go to ny for spring semester.

nov- i took lots of naked pics of people for lush.

dec- i became way too obsessed with cute first year mark, failed to make out with him, and then i packed up all my shit, drove home to va, failed to gain employment, and watched way too many bad movies on cable. oh, and at the end of december i was real derivative and made a recapping of my year list.

and be sure to tune in for tomorrow's installment of the trite diaries: my new year's resolutions

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