Wednesday, December 5, 2001

"you gotta eat"

i just got my computer back from megan about half an hour ago and have since been listening to all my mp3's that i have not heard in over a year. the really good ones that i listened to quite a few times already are: gill scott heron's "it's your world," goodie mob's "soul food," sly's "family affair," and more and more sly.

dude, this music has made me feel so good about myself, and has made me recall my first two years of college when i downloaded all these songs and seemed a lot more together academically and emotionally. now, i am a lame-o who worries about school and feels lonely cause i haven't had action in so so long -- dude, i didn't used to give a shit -- i used to rock my shit singing loudly and happily at my computer all the fucking time to sly and whomever else i so felt inclined to listen to.

the magazine is done hopefully. we had to fix all the fucking photos today cause they were in the wrong format, and so dana is going to bring it to the printer tomorrow. and it should be done on tuesday or wednesday, and i have decided to not even wait around for it to come out, to let dana take care of distribution and to depart for virgina.

i don't know what is wrong with me and my eating binges. today after me and bonnie looted from albies i wanted checkers so so big time, and so i got two cheeseburgers even though i wasn' t that hungry, and ate them both and washed them down with a chocolate milkshake and a couple bottles of that sugary smirnoff malt liquor crap. and very similar to yesterday with the excessive eating of pizza i felt like s-h-i-t big fat stinky shit. really greasy fast food has some unknown allure to me, especially hamburgers. i think it is so weird that i used to be a vegetarian for so long and now the site of a checkers make me think mmm, i could sure go for some of that beef.

only 4 more nights to try to make out with marky mark, "only" 3 more papers to write in the next week, only 2 remaining beatles, and only 1 more amy's burrito left in our fridge (which may not even be true in a few minutes, since i seriously am feeling the urge to be piggy, and then to sit on the couch, start to read, and then become far too distracted by how fun it is to play with my increasingly pudgy belly and then lullalbied to sleep by dreams of marky mark.)

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