Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Can I tell you how much I love these pants Jamie gave me? If only I didn't spill oil from a tuna can down the front of them last night. I am still wearing them but now will try to do laundry tomorrow so I will look a little nicer. Just a little.

So I am trying to make some money because I have one dollar in my wallet and negative three in the bank and I think I get paid tomorrow though, so really, I don't need to worry. I just have to ask people to swipe me through the turnstiles, which is sometimes a little scary and bring out the socially anxious person in me. Being told no is like being rebuffed by a boy you like, but normally there is always a nice person with an unlimited card that will swipe me through. And I think it is good for me to get over social and class phobias and put myself out there.

So yeah, I am going to go see a new person tonight which is always kind of scary, and which I don't need to do because I get paid soon and also tomorrow morning I am going to see the 63 year old. But maybe by seeing both of them I can even pay my rent this week this way and still have a little spare cash to maybe buy wine every now and then and rent the rest of the Woody Allen movies I have yet to see.

These pants are amazing and I think a Janet Jackson dance party needs to happen right now in my living room.

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