Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Okay, now I do not like Bloomberg. You can do a lot of things, but as soon as you start being anti-union, I hate you. So surely, you must know that there might be a tranist worker strike come Friday, but now Bloomberg has thrown the city (us!) into the fight and is "asking a judge to fine the transit workers' union $1 million and each striker $25,000 on the first day of a strike and to double the fines successively each day after that."

I don't know if there is much, anything I can do other than express disapproval to you about this, to tell you that I support the demands of transit workers and will support their strike efforts, will not be pissed if I have to walk the couple miles to work. I imagine that a strike won't happen, though. But if so, let's support our fellow workers and not complain about being inconvenienced. Um, I imagine that is all I can do.

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