Saturday, December 10, 2005

things seen today

I went to Chelsea today, wandered around all the galleries I had been meaning to see shows at and there is some really good stuff there right now. The sun was slowly and slowly making its way down over Jersey and the air was so crisp and despite the cold, while the sun was still out, it felt good out there in the outside with that sky above me. I saw so much, but still did not get to see everything I wanted to. The things I saw, most of them, made a big impression on me. And there are two experience shows that are worth going to just to witness the spectacle. The Mike Kelley show at Gagosian is a bad acid trip at the carnival and the gallery was packed today with everyone taking in all this craziness. It started to give me a headache after a while and so I left but definitely worth checking out, and only up until the 17th.

"Art and the Video Game" at Pace/Wildenstein is another busy show, another fun show. I don't know what "fun" show means. I do. But I don't know how to go about describing it, a show you'd tell people from out of town to go see, something that makes you smile and doesn't require a level of somberness. And no surprise, both Cory Arcangel and Paper Rad are in the show, and have the two best pieces in the show. I don't know why, but I really do love Paper Rad's stuff and I found their video pretty amazing.

Other things seen today:
-Marina Abramovic's "Balkan Erotic Epic" at Sean Kelly
-Mary Ellen Mark's "Falkland Road" series at two galleries
-some male nude photos by Andy Warhol at Chiem and Reid, where I also saw:
-Warhol's Blow Job film!!!!!
-an amazing chess board/pumpkin by Yayoi Kusama at Lurhing Augustine
-less amazing chess boards by Damien Hirst and Paul McCarthy
-a couple of other shows that left me underimpressed
-cute boys at these galleries possibly checking me out
-David LaChapelle's Rize

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