Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Take the Money and Run

This film is similar to Zelig in that it is another mockumentary; this time, Woody as an inept criminal who can't even rob a bank right. I have to admit that this earlier stuff I do not like so much, but this movie, I found charming in some way and I am not sure why.

At one point, Allen is doing a voiceover talking about his love of this girl and says in the midst of all this a joke about sex, always with the one liners, but this one, so funny, and surely, because the things that are so funny are those things that are so true, as ugly as they might be, as mannered as we would like to pretend to be. And he says:

In prison, I remember the psychiatrist asked me if I had a girl, and I said, "No." And he said, do I think that sex is dirty, and I said, "It is if you're doing it right."

And this line, I obviously liked enough to write down, and another day it might have been different, I might not have written it down, but today I watched this an hour or so after rousing from another fitful night of sleep, that was more like eight or so hours of obscene sex hallucinations. The things I dreamed last night, so dirty and I woke up at eight something, looked at my clock and told myself to sleep more, that I would not be happy about this lack of sleep come when it was nearing five am and I was trying to stay awake, feeding machines scantrons, but I could not get back to sleep, all I could do was imagine perverse scenario after the next one, tossing and turning and trying to will sleep through different positions of my head on the pillow, dreamed stuff I would be embarrassed to tell anyone, and finally at nine, I gave up and masturbated, showered and watched this movie, and heard this quote said, and nodded in agreement, yes, yes, so true, and reached for my pen.

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