Monday, December 26, 2005

What equals bullshit is the fact that my job cancelled tonight's shift this morning because the supervisor wanted another day off. She should have not scheduled a shift tonight then because otherwise I would still be in New Jersey, would not have woken up at eight to get on that ferry that for some reason makes me nauseous. I could have instead stayed another day and eaten leftover turkey and watched more crap on television. The real reason it sort of stresses me out is because I just found out that my job is now offering health coverage to part time employees and because there are all these complex rules regarding eligibility that would probably bore you, essentially having to work enough hours during the pay period when they would start your coverage, which only happens quarterly, to cover your first premium, and that pay period is this current one (they told us about this a couple days ago as the pay period was nearing an end, of course) and so I may not be eligible for another three months now because of this cancelled shift tonight.

But man, aside from that, I am in really good spirits. That ferry ride there was amazing and I sat out on the little back viewing area for most of the ride, the only one out there because it was a little cold, windy and wet and I saw underneath four bridges, Williamsburg, Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Verazzano and it was such a beautiful ride happening right near sunset and that imagery, the feelings I had while observing it, if only there was someway to hold on to that, or to experience such lovely sights all the time, man, I would be set.

My mom's new house is cute and small and 95 years old and I ate lots of food, drank beer, watched tv shows I had been wanting to see and enjoyed the fact that I did not have to walk anywhere. "Laguna Beach" is enough to make even a neo-con want to start a commie revolution. It wasn't even a guilty pleasure, watching it. I was so disgusted. LOGO, the gay station, is pretty shameful. But there is good news from tv land. "Boondocks" is so fucking good. I was scared that the comic strip wouldn't translate to tv, and it doesn't. The show is a totally different beast and it is amazing. I need to find someone with cable so I can watch this all the time.

Um, I think I might go shopping since there are lots of sales today and I am no longer working and I do have some cash to burn. The revolution will have to wait.

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