Saturday, December 10, 2005

The problem with light colored pants, specifically these new white/blue striped ones I am in love with: They stain easily.

I am one dirty person and I am a little unaware of this because normally I wear dark blue jeans every single day that I don't even flinch about wiping off grease/oil/chocolate from off my fingers onto them. I have been trying to stop that habit, but yet still, little kids spill on themselves less than I do.

I just washed them yesterday and already today, in the last two hours in fact, I managed to spill not only tomato sauce on them, but also just now, chocolate ice cream. Either I am going to start having to do laundry all the time (as opposed to monthly) or I am just going to have to let these no longer be my favorite pants. But fuck these tiny little stains, it's dark out now and I am still wearing them tonight. Oh yeah, I don't have a phone but am probably going to stop by Fun tonight around midnight if any of you are waiting at home for someone to make plans with you, pretend I have a fun and just called you. And if anyone has an old T-mobile phone that they want to donate to the Charlie Social Life Cause, well, he would love you a whole lot

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