Saturday, December 24, 2005

In one hour and twenty minutes, the ferry I plan on taking will be departing and speeding across the Hudson to my mom's new house. I have wrapped presents, have still yet to pack, only actually put on pants and a shirt about half an hour ago, had been enjoying the fact that my house is empty, blared music and laid on the couch in my boxers reading the last of Lord Chesterfield's letters.

I leave in twenty minutes for this ferry and in that time, I really should not be here on this computer trying (always with the trying) to say something because there is not time for that, or there is and I am not up to the challenge, know that I should get masturbation out of my system for the next couple days and should actually pack some clothes and find a new book I want to start reading, and so, Merry Christmas to all of you, which is my polite way, my mannered way of saying I love you all so much and don't want to die, nor you too, but want you and I to have the happiest lives.

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