Thursday, December 22, 2005

Some other homo has a crush on Bobby Cuza. That is amazing. If local news is already the second or third tier of broadcast news, NY1 is even a step below that and this is just some random NY1 reporter and someone else is after him also. This person needs to die. Bobby is all mine!

Paychecks did not arrive at my job like they were supposed to today which is pissing me off. And if they don't arrive tomorrow, I will be really pissed and really screwed since I have a dollar to my name and have yet to buy my family presents and also need to buy a ferry ticket to get there. More evidence again presented to me that I should not wait til the last minute, but hopefully they will arrive tomorrow morning, otherwise I will flip out at some stupid test prep company.

My neck is so sore because I did situps wrong yesterday, lifted with my neck and not my stomach, and fuck, I want a massage so bad. Bobby?

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