Wednesday, December 14, 2005

When I am out in that cold, twenty something degree weather, I never want to smoke again because that winter air feels so good, fills my lungs so good. I breathe in deep and breathe out deep, watching it rush out of me and upwards and I couldn't imagine anything feeling this good on my lungs, this clean, this pure and I think it's because I want to experience something like this that I smoke but it doesn't come close to this, out there.

Apparently, a woman was mugged right in front of my building tonight.

I smelled like old man cologne, like cheapness with class aspirations, up until thirty minutes ago when I took a shower and washed it off of me. I got called by that same guy I saw about a week ago and went over to his apartment that reeked of pot and this time, declined his offer to smoke me out, and watched porn on his television while he sucked me off, and then lied there for about another ten minutes afterward, while he rested his head on my chest and held my flaccid penis and jacked himself off. It was then with his head on my chest that whatever smell he wanted to smell like for whatever reasons, that he thought it made him more attractive to someone, that maybe it was what someone he once found attractive wore and that this would make him the same, some sublimated way of sexual attraction to an old locker room crush, that then in those moments, him jacking off and resting on me, I became infected and the power of water is amazing. There is a reason people baptize themselves in the stuff, walk into that water. It washes away all. And taking that shower getting home, I was clean, free of any earlier activities. They were gone, washed down the drain, even if it did take them a little while to drain since our tub is slow to do so from the buildup of hair and various body scrubs and dirt down there in our drain.

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