Monday, December 19, 2005

mea gulpa too mucha/culpa

The good news is Craig does not seem to hate me. The bad news is maybe I poured a drink on him. Um.


Um, I just ran into Kevin and Matt who reminded me of how out of control I was not too long ago at Beauty Bar on the 25th anniversary of John Lennon's death. That night will haunt me forever. It already has pretty much cost me one friendship, those four solid hours of drinking I did prior to ten, and now I was reminded of stuff I did not even remember, mainly being an asshole to you, Matt, Kevin, and God knows who else, so yeah, sorry about anything I may have done or
said to you. Sincere apologies and lots of shame. Lots of it.


hi charlie! no shame at all! you were not a jerk to me, at least. you were just a bit, you know, totally wasted. i like having drinks poured on me! and i'm not even kidding. so don't feel bad, we all have those nights, i've just come off about seven in a row of them.

hope you are well. perhaps we will cross paths before i head west for the holidaze.


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