Saturday, December 3, 2005

If I have to take a number two really badly because this is how my bowels work, that I eat Raisin Bran and coffee for breakfast and then poop a lot, if I do do this even if we do not have running water, will it flush? Will the toilet be empty afterward? Will my roommates be disgusted? Will I? Should I just hold out for two hours until I go to work? Oh life, you and your deep questions.

I got some sleep. I drank lots of coffee and am listening to Billy Joel and basically, I feel pretty amazing. Maybe the Philip Roth before bedtime had something to do with it also.

What I also love is how my landlord's son came upstairs to tell me that they were going to be working on the pipes today and were going to turn off the water in about half an hour for a few hours, telling me this so that I could use water beforehand. What I love even more so is how not even five minutes later, the water was turned off.

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